Hoys Physio - Custom OrthoticsExperiencing neck, back, knee or foot pain?

Did you know the key to your pain could be right under you toes?

Correct foot alignment and biomechanics are vital in ensuring optimal joint and body position. Having just a small fault in the function of your feet can have massive consequences on the joints further up the body. Considering this information, it makes sense that identifying and correcting any foot abnormalities is very important for injuring management.

Here at Hoys Physiotherapy we use the most technologically advanced gait analysis system currently available. The Gaitscan™ analysis system is a revolutionary diagnostic tool used for assessing foot biomechanics. With just a few simple steps over the sensor plate, a comprehensive assessment of your foot mechanics can be performed. With this data, our physiotherapists, along with professional orthotic designers, can create the ideal orthotic for you. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself in for a gait analysis today and free yourself of pain.

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