WorkCover Injury Rehabilitation

Our WorkCover approved Exercise Physiologist specialises in work related injuries and motor vehicle accidents by providing active exercise therapy to enhance your recovery time and capacity to return to work. We encourage injured workers to take an active role in their rehabilitation program by providing all the education and tools necessary to achieve self-management of injury and activities. Early return to work forms a crucial role in the recovery of our patients and reduces loss of function and long term disability.
Excercise physiology, Hoys Physiotherapy
We take a biopsychosocial approach and integrate evidence based cognitive behavioural principals into our programs to maximum patient outcomes. Secondary intervention usually occurs during the sub-acute phase of rehabilitation, which can range from 4 to 12 weeks after the initial injury. Secondary intervention involves continued emphasis on integration of clinical and workplace management. Incorporating functional exercise is appropriate when:

  • acute passive therapy has plateaued and functional gains are no longer occurring
  • early treatment has been well managed and progression to a complete functional program is required
  • pre-injury duties involve repetitive manual handling and demanding tasks
  • the worker requires a high level of supervision and education
  • post-operative rehabilitation to regain complete function
  • there are indications of psychosocial barriers limiting progress

Hoys Physio offers Work Related Activity Programs (WRAPS) for injured workers that:

  • Identify functional & work capacity requirements.
  • Regain confidence in their ability to safely participate in work and ADLs.
  • Increase their physical capacity and achieve medical certificate upgrades.
  • Achieve safe upgrades in Suitable Duties plans & return to Pre-Injury Duties.

Hoys Physio currently achieves upgrades in WorkCover Certificate of Capacity certificates (WCCC) within 90% + of the injured workers that attend our functional upgrade Exercise Physiology programs. Hoys Physio will also link our reports, correspondence and management plans with any return to work plans to ensure that the functional outcomes are work related.

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