Group Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes – Hoys Physio currently run a range of exercise classes for all patients

Exercise Physiology classes will be a great new service to patients with chronic health conditions. Group Classes will be targeted to specific groups including Diabetes (Medicare Bulk Billed), Obesity, Heart & Lung, Falls Prevention/Balance, Disability, Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis.


Cancer Group Class

Hoys Physio have created a group based exercise program that bring patients together who are fighting similar battles to share their experience, build friendships and recover together. The program commences with an individualised one on one assessment with an Exercise Physiologist. The patient is then inducted into the group exercise program that has been specifically designed to be low impact and function based.


Diabetes Group Class

Hoys Physio have created a group based exercise class that focuses on exercise as a form of therapy for treating Type II Diabetes by assisting with blood sugar regulation/control and lifestyle change. Under this initiative Medicare rebates are available to people with type 2 diabetes when accessing services provided by Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) on referral from their regular GP. Patients can access an initial assessment to determine their suitability for participating in up to eight (8) group intervention services per year.
Patients can claim these group exercise sessions under their private health fund provided they have had an initial Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology assessment.


How do I make a booking?

There are 4 options to book into our group exercise class: call, email, book online, or drop into one of our clinics.